Our Story

This web site and our campaign to change Animal Cruelty legislation in Canada was brought about by an event that happened to myself and my wife Leigh.


On Sunday the 21st of April 2013 we were driving from our home to the city of Duncan, BC when we noticed a small dog up ahead on the left hand side of the road. As we got closer the dog ran out into the road.  We slowed down to a stop and flashed an oncoming vehicle to warn them about the dog.  We then saw a young male in his 20s come running into the road after the dog.  At this stage the dog had cowered down on the road and just laid there. 

The young male stooped down, grabbed the dog by the throat pressing and pinning the dog into the road.  He then drew his right arm back and proceeded to punch the small dog about the head full on and full swing, we saw him do this at least 3 times, he then lifted the dog by its neck with his right hand and threw it across the road about 15 to 20 feet and into the ditch at the side of the road.

Whilst this was going on both Leigh and I were shouting at him to stop. We then pulled across the road and stopped near him and exited my car and an altercation between us and the young male took place.

The police and the SPCA were called. At this point the story really does not get any better for the poor dog. We were and are totally dissatisfied with the RCMP and the SPCA whose approach to this matter was nothing short of useless. Due to this lackluster approach by both of these organizations we decided to raise the profile of this event through social media, television, radio and print. We created quite a storm, resulting in action from the RCMP and charges being laid against the individual. However, the dog still remains with the owner!

Because of the issues above we took a long hard look at the Animal cruelty laws in Canada and we found that they fall short in many ways. Simply put, animals are not protected as they should be. So we arranged a meeting with a local MP – Jean Crowder. At this meeting we gave Ms. Crowder a presentation on Animal Cruelty Laws in Canada and where we felt that they were not adequate for this day and age.   To sum up, Ms. Crowder was very supportive and agreed that change in the Animal Cruelty Legislation is desired and needs to take place. Ms. Crowder is prepared to work with us to help bring this about.

One of the outcomes of this meeting was to review and comment on Bill C-232 which has stagnated in Parliament since 2011! Ms Crowder has asked if we could do the following:

  1. Review the bill and see if it is fit for purpose – If it is, a plan will be formulated to revive it and push it forward
  2. If it is not fit for purpose – write an alternate bill and present it back to Jean – errrrrrrrr OK! I can do that! and I am, and that’s why we are here!