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Humane Society International – Canada 

Victoria Humane Society

Dr Marc Bekoff – Author & World renowned Animal Behaviorist

The Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada

Charlee’s Angels for the Animals

The Barbi Twins

Vancouver Humane Society

Serenity Acre Rescue & Foster



I’m Against animal cruelty- Community


   Animal Advocates Society of BC 

Vancouver Animal Defense League
Author Beverly Killaire


Fixed Fur Life

H.E.A.R.T Dog Rescue

St.Paul Animal Shelter

Paws for Hope

Niagara Action For Animals

Fixed Fur Life

The “Link”: Protecting Animals, People, and Communities

Association of BC Dog Rescuers

Home At Last Dog Rescue BC

Cowichan Canine

Canadians for Animals Rights Legislation

Clanimal – Animal owners and lovers community

The Social Petwork

Campaign for Animal Rights Legislation

STOP Animal Abuse in Canada


The Jane Goodall Institute Canada

Take Action 2! – Ban Animal Gas Chambers In Canada

Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation

Niagara Action For Animals

The Fauna Foundation

Pawsh Pet Services

Little Mittens Animal Rescue

Ontario No Kill

Advocates for Companion Animals

Central Cowichan Animal Hospital Duncan

Vancouver Island Dogs Rescue Society

RRPP Dog Rescue

Global Animal Lovers (The GALs)

Cedar Ridge Complete Canine Care Facility

Animal Cruelty Legislation Canada

Great Danes In Distress


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Animal welfare organizations

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