How You Can Help

Please help us change the animal cruelty laws in Canada. Let’s all get off the fence, stop just making comments on Facebook and other sites, get involved and do something! Help animals by helping to change Canadian legislation.

We met with Jean Crowder, the Canadian Member of Parliament for Nanaimo—Cowichan on the 21st of  January 2014 .  At this meeting we presented the Animal Welfare Bill listed on the Proposed Legislation page of this site. Jean was very supportive and is on board with our quest to change the current laws. We are now waiting for Jean to come back with some next steps.  I have to say that we are very optimistic that we will have something good to work with.

 For the future we are going to need a tremendous amount of support and help to push a finalised version of the bill through Parliament, we will need help in the following areas:

  • Seeking support from your local Member of Parliament,
  • Downloading and collecting signatures for a paper-based petition,
  • Spreading the word to your friends and contacts via social media and email,
  • Seeking support from local Animal Welfare groups.

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This can work, but we need help, we need any and all Animal Cruelty advocates behind us. Please get involved. We are going to need tens of thousands of Canadians to get behind this proposed Bill and push it through into law.